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Because of tax regulations in certain countries Greenalp cannot sell products worldwide. This means that some users might not be able to purchase products directly from the Greenalp web site due to country restrictions.
For this reason Greenalp offers an alternative payment concept - the prepaid Greenalp Credits. As Greenalp cooperates with the worldwide reseller FastSpring this payment option works worldwide. Another advantage of FastSpring is that you receive an invoice. In contrast, if you pay via PayPal, you will only receive a transaction confirmation, but no invoice.

The pre-paid concept

Greenalp Credits are virtual coins. 100 credits are equivalent to one Euro (1€). This means, instead of paying one Euro you could also pay 100 Greenalp Credits that you have uploaded before. Instead of 10 Euros you could pay 1000 credits.

How can Greenalp Credits be uploaded?

See the section below to understand how to buy Greenalp Credits at the FastSpring website. Alternatively, if you don't need an invoice and Greenalp supports PayPal for your country, you can purchase credits here.

Detailled instructions to purchase via reseller:

Go to Greenalp product page at Fastspring.
Select your amount of Greenalp Credits package. One package is 100 credits (1 €). After purchasing you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the confirmation mail to upload your purchased credits. You will need to login with your Greenalp username.
As soon as you have enough credits you can purchase the feature of your interest. All payment screens provide a selection field payment method where you can choose between payment methods PayPal and Greenalp credits.

If you have questions, please contact Greenalp Support.