My Favourite apps

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My Favourite apps

Post by admin »

Your are welcome to post your Android apps you like most. Maybe there is one which I don't know yet and I would like to try.

As a start here are my top ten:

- Real Time GPS Tracker by greenalp ( surprise surprise ).
- Google Maps
- Google Sky Map
- Shazam
- Instant Heart Rate
- Dolphin Browser Mini
- GStrings
- IP Webcam
- Flightradar24
- Barcode Scanner
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by Alex »

My top five are:

- Real Time GPS Tracker
- You Tube
- IP Webcam
- Mobo Player
- OS Monitor
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by JoeMama »

While I am setup is great. Here are the free apps I am using on my Droid X.
Current trip is across the States and deep down into Mexico.
  • Real Time GPS Tracker (wife loves tracking my trip)
  • -- I have a library of audio books online -- download to my droid (nice driving)
  • Google Navigation -- Wow. Turned my Droid into an accurate full Voice GPS.
  • Skype-- for out of country and to computer phone calls.

    Plugged into Stereo system
    Bought a MOUNT at Love's Truckstop.
    Wifi on trip: all McDonalds and Starbucks

    Note on performance: I use all of these simultaneously often. It seems heat up the Droid X and inhibit the charging. Nothing bad. Just a note that the processor seems to really be working while doing all of this.
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by TruckerStephen »

I suppose it should go without saying that RealTime GPS Tracker is one of my most favorite apps. People who watch my webcam love to keep track of where I am (I'm a trucker).
The others I use regularly (in no particular order):
Astrid Tasks - for reminding me of things I want to remember
Friend Stream - keeps me up-to-date with my friends on Facebook
Google Voice - for cheap calls to friends overseas
iExit - tells me what's coming up at the next exit along the interstate... very cool
Lookout - protects my phone
Pandora - when I get tired of listening to the 10,000+ songs on my iPod - really enjoy the old tv shows like Twilight Zone
White Noise - for drowning out the rumble of nearby trucks so I can sleep
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by ppz »

BigBrother apps :
- real time gps tracking
- dashboard cam pro
- IP cam viewer (the best DVR viewer !)
- Active Home Vista (manage X10 in your house)

Other fine apps :
- torque (manage obd2 in your car)
- sugarsync (sync docs/pics on multi devices)
- evernote (how to remember everything)
- Camscanner (cam to pdf)
- vlc remote (remotely control your computer used as a media player)
- soundhound (better than shazam. Music recognition, a whistle works if you can whistle
- quick wifi hotspot (tethering)
- software data cable (if you're too lazy to connect your android to your computer)
- pocketwhip (just a Big Bang Theory fan...)
- Open manager (to manage apps and backup the apk independently)
- Remote Web Desktop (Android remote control)
- Xclinometer (too lazy again to find my bubble level)
- Drag Racing (car race simulation, when too lazy to do anything
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by LeRoy Moore Jr »

All The Following Apps Are Free Ones

Real Time GPS TRACKER!!! Super Awesome GPS Tracking!

DaTuner Lite Guitar Tuner

EasyTether Android internet to PC

FishFarts Kids A hokey game where you poke the fish and they fart and swim off! It's cool.

avast! Mobile Security It's pretty much everything in one package.

IP Webcam Cell phone turns into an internet view-able security camera.

Maps With Me GPS maps that downloads a state by state database for navigation without a data connection.

Lookout Mobile Security "plan b" Finds your cell phone in the event you lost it or it's stolen. Can be installed after you lost it and is dead accurate!

XClinometer An inclinometer/bubble level

Extra special thank you to the developer for this awesome software. I have spammed my facebook, email, and every venue I can think of telling how awesome it is. For your trouble I'm sending you a $20.00 dollar bill sir! If someone bought a tracker for 200 bucks from "Live View" and paid the 30 dollars a month for it, it would cost them $360.00 for the first year plus $200.00 for the unit. Total $560.00 for the first year! YOU GET AT LEAST A 20 spot! Expect it soon!

Whoever the admin is on this forum is doing an exceptional job patiently answering questions. I've pretty much checked them all out. Great job admin!!!

Be looking for another post from me in Feature requests.
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by admin »

Thanks for your nice feedback.
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by JvKintheUSA »

REal Time GPS
IP cam viewer Pro
Connection Checker
Lookout Mobile Security
Pro Weather Alert
SwiftKey Beta
Portfolio Tracker
AT&T Smart WiFi
Bank of America Mobile App
Google Maps
YouTube Mobile
Amazon MP3 Player
World Newspapers
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Re: My Favourite apps

Post by gsmt »

For me

Google Maps
Google Earth
Google calendar
Root explorer
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