Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post the activities you already have used Real Time GPS Tracker for and your ideas what it could be used for.
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Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by boomerpapa »

Dear admin !

In the name of my dog "Boomer" I want to thank most heartily with you for your great program! My dog was stolen in a strange city.

But since he have had a Mini-GPS transmitter on the collar , the thieves could be taken within one hour. :mrgreen:

Please excuse my bad english!

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Re: Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by admin »

Thank you very much and greetings to your dog :)
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Re: Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by Jabbatron »

What "mini-GPS" did you use?
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Re: Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by thescrivener »

Yes please...What miniGPS did you use?

Any one else know a good miniGPS to use?
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Re: Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by zohaa »

i have no idea
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Re: Many, many thanks - Admin !

Post by ZtheDogChaser2000 »

I just got here. AWESOME APP so far.
Thanks so much.

Just wanted to chime in.
My dog's is not a mini GPS unit but just an older Android LG LS670 phone I picked up at a yardsale long ago for $2 or so. Goliath's cell service will cost me $6 a month for general service and probably just a few bucks more for a few txts & data when he decides to go running off.

Old cheap android phone.. works for us. So far.

Goliath & his GPS Tracking collar... ... 2820998144
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