I am having problems setting up

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I am having problems setting up

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I have been a registered user of Real Time GPS tracker with a valid username and password since last winter but have not used it for some months. I am getting a new android phone and will need to download it onto the new phone when it arrives and begin using it again. I was trying to write down the settings, But it showed only the username and not the actual password. I went to this site to find out how to recover the password, so that I can set it up on my new phone, and I followed the instructions, but when I entered the old user name, it said it was not recognized. So, I re-registered with a new username and password and a different email address. The validation email came, and I validated. I then was able to sign on to this forum. However, when I go to enter my new username and password in the settings on RTT2, it says "authentication failed".

What on earth is going on? Why did my previous username and password not get recognized. And now that I am re-registered and trying to enter the new username and password it in the new program, why is the validation failing? This is obviously very frustrating. I wish to be 1) remembered by your servers, 2) be able to set up my new account with new username and password on my new phone. Please advise.
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Re: I am having problems setting up

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for the forum you need an extra account (the forum account), you cannot use this account for the tracker. For the tracker please use the registration menu in the app. If you want to use your old username open the tracker on your old phone and send the message "password recovery". Afterwards please contact me again so I can reset your password.
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