malware alternative

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malware alternative

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is there an alternative version to the malware which fetches internet ads?

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I/Ads     ( 3008): adRequestUrlHtml: <html><head><script src=""></script><script>AFMA_getSdkConstants();AFMA_buildAdURL({"preqs":15,"session_id":"000","u_sd":1.5,"seq_num":"16","slotname":"000","u_w":320,"msid":"com.greenalp.RealtimeTracker","cap":"a","js":"afma-sdk-a-v6.1.0","toar":15,"isu":"000","cipa":0,"format":"320x50_mb","net":"ed","app_name":"","hl":"en","u_h":000,"carrier":"","ptime":000,"u_audio":1});</script></head><body></body></html>

perhaps a donate version?

currently I use RTT in tandem with glympse to publish location to XMPP status. It would be grand to have PEP GPS integration with popular XMPP clients such as

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Re: malware alternative

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Sorry, there exists only the ad based version.
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