Add more friends and tracking history

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Add more friends and tracking history

Post by dispatchhotshotsinc »

I would like to use this for my business. I own a courier service and I currently use another app that I am not completly happy with.

1. Can you add more than 5 friends? I would like to be able to track 20 on the same map.

2. I even tried to log in on my compter under different logins to open up 4 screens on my computer. I have multiple screens in my office. I was going to have 5 on each screen for a total of 20. This did not work either. It forced me to log out of the first one and I could not open a second. If option 1 above is not an option would this be an option?

3. I see that you can track the history of each as well for a price? How far back does the history go and what is the price USD?

Thank you.
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Re: Add more friends and tracking history

Post by admin »

The basic limit is 5. More friends cause more server loads so this is only possible for paying customers. Right now the costs are 2 Euro per additional user and per month.

Yes, with Track Loading feature you can load tracks from the past. Usually the track should be available on server quite long. Let's say for year. But there is no guarantee. If too many users use the system and free disk space becomes low I will be forced to delete data. Another risk is just to have data loss because of a hardware damage or something like that. So if your tracks are important you should download them and save them on your local computer.
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Re: Add more friends and tracking history

Post by BruceWhite »

Better alternative is to get some space on cloud so that it will share the work load with local server and ultimately the performance will be optimized. Tracking feature for multiple users can be implemented conveniently in this way but certain unforeseeable risks always involve.
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